Overhaul & Modernization of the Mi-2 helicopter

ABV-HOLDING has developed modernization of the Mi-2 helicopter with the use of basalt composite material resulting in impressive weight reduction.

This presentation shows the main stages of the helicopter modernization.

Mi-2 helicopter is a Soviet multi-purpose helicopter developed by the Design Bureau of M. L. Mil in the early 1960s. In 1965, serial production was launched in Poland at the PZL-Świdnik factory. It is widely used to perform many civilian and military tasks. Until the end of production in 1992, more than 5400 units were built.

ABV-HOLDING is developing a modernization of the Mi-2 helicopter with the use of basalt composite material and the installation of new modern high-altitude engines AI-450M.

The list of types of work on the modernization of the helicopter:

- Replacement of the duralumin bow and helicopter cockpit with a basalt-composite

- Replacement of the duralumin tail and end beams of the helicopter with a basalt-composite

- Replacement of a duralumin fuel tank (internal and external) with a basalt-composite

- installation of rotor blades and tail rotor made of basalt composite

- Installation of a new AI-450M engine (manufactured by Motor Sich JSC, Ukraine)

- New modern liquid crystal avionics (mainly of European production)

At the PZL-idwidnik plant (Poland), new main units for the Mi-2 helicopter are being manufactured. Repair and modernization of VR-2 gearboxes, with adaptation for AI-450M engines, take place at the manufacturing plant in Rzeszow, Poland.

The latest development of the Mi-2 (modernized) is a completely new lightweight cabin made of basalt composite material, the state of the art digital equipment, including sofisticated engine control systems, gearbox control systems with the replacement of all analog units with a modern digital console, which in itself maximizes the control of this helicopter. The modified version of helicopter is impressively 450 kg lighter than its predecessor. The lightweight fuselage design increases the payload capacity of helicopter with highly improved helicopter flight characteristics. The upgraded Mi-2 helicopter can fly according to PVP day and night, over land and water surfaces, both in urban conditions and in mountainous areas, designed to carry passengers or cargo in the cabin.

Technical and informational data:

1. Crew: 1-2 people

2. Passenger capacity: 9 people (including crew)

3. The length of the fuselage: 12 meters

4. The diameter of the rotor: 14 meters

5. Maximum take-off weight: 3,550 kg + weight of the helicopter without fuel

6. Powerplant AI-450M, 2 engines

7. Maximum allowable speed: 220 km / h

8. Cruising speed: 200 km / h

9. Payload capacity: 1100-1200 kg

10. The volume of the fuel tank without additional tanks: 600 l .

11. Fuel consumption at cruising speed: 220 l.

12. Static ceiling - 6000 m.

13. The maximum range with 2 pilots and without cargo is 600 kilometers per tank.

With optional installation of two additional tanks the flight range increases to 1200 kilometers.

The modernized Mi-2 and Mi-2MSB ( AI-450M engine) helicopter is certified and is operated in many countries of the world, including European.