Who are we?
Our primary team are experienced international agents and consultants
in sourcing and buying gold. Whether Alluvial
Dust, Dore Bars or GLD 1 or 12.5 KG Bullion Bars, our global gold
network allows our team to obtain unrivalled prices
and quality products in order for our clients to make the most on their
investments. We also arrange via our accounts at
world recognised refineries, the conversion of sourced gold to
hallmarked GLD Bullion 250, 500 &1000 gm ingots or 1 &
12.5 KG Bullion Bars.

Why are we different?
Our team only specialise in Gold and we practice the highest standards
on all levels. This allows our attentions to be very
focused, safeguarding the interests of each client.
We are known for our knowledgeable service and consistent pricing.
Our goal is to build a long term loyalty with our
clients through outstanding service, above and beyond that which is
available at other financial institutions and gold
bullion dealers. We offer secure shipments and secure transactions.

Eurobrand only engages legitimate and bonded partners for each
transaction and we do not partake in any non-regulated
or illegal activity.
About Our Business
In partnership with:

LBMA refineries  in Europe